Trading Platforms

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Select a trading platform that works best for you

Being a successful and profitable investor often depends on whether you are using the right tools. Compare our free trading platforms to decide which one will fit your financial goals, strategy, and trading style.

Desktop version

MetaTrader 4

MT4 trading platform has a wide set of trading tools that will satisfy the needs of even the most technically savvy investors. It includes technical and fundamental analysis of prices, all types of orders, automated trading, powerful analytics, and social copy trading. You can code or buy automated robots and technical indicators straight from the platform. You can also purchase 24/7 virtual hosting to ensure round-the-clock operation of your robots and signals.

Monitor your assets and trades on the go

Mobile and Tablet Trader

Mobile Trader offers 30 of the most popular technical indicators, 3 types of charts, 9 time frames, a full set of trade orders (including pending orders) and support for all types of trade execution – this one of a kind trading tool will prove indispensable to your success as a trader. Once you are acquainted with its user friendly interface, you will grow to love the one-click trading features and its innovative and smooth approach to trading. The Mobile Trader supports push notifications coming from a desktop platform or the

Trade from any browser

Web Trader

Trade Forex or other capital markets from any browser and operating system, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. You can monitor financial quotes and trade without installing additional applications or software. The Web Trader is a perfect solution if the installation of a desktop or mobile version is not an option. The only thing you need to start trading is an Internet connection. All data is securely encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about the security of your transactions.