Getting Started

Take a look at the information below to help you understand Forex trading. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists by phone +44 2 038 079 784, email or leave us a message below.

    Understanding the Basics

    Think of stocks as a part of the company you now own. Although, you won’t necessarily get a right to majorly influence the company’s decision-making process (unless you own a majority of shares), you can enjoy increasing returns provided the company is doing well. Although owning stocks involves more risk than some other types of investment (e.g. bonds), it is rewarded by the market with higher returns.

    There are three main strategies to stock investing:
    Intraday trading – traders use price fluctuations to buy and sell the same stock within one day.
    Active/swing trading – a trader uses short-term events and times the market to get profit in the next week or a couple of weeks.
    Passive investing – traders use fundamental analysis to determine the strength of the business they want to invest in, and then buy and hold shares for years and even decades.

    Advantages of Stock Trading

    By registering an account with, you’ll receive a number of benefits:

    High returns

    One of the greatest advantages of stock trading is the possibility of growing your income. Investments in stable, blue-chip companies are able to bring up to 10% annual revenue. Dividend income can help fund a bigger cause, like college or retirement, as it is a fixed annual payment.


    Want to gain access to shares in renowned companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, etc? All you’ll need is a device with Internet access and a trading account. With an account at you’ll have the stock quotes at your fingertips and can monitor and trade them from any device with MetaTrader platform.


    Stocks are great for diversifying your portfolio. Investing in various companies across different sectors of the economy will help you grow your profits in the long run, even if some individual stocks lose value.


    There are no commissions, trade fees, account fees or advisory fees.

    Choosing the Trading Platform

    What platforms do we offer?

    MetaTrader4 is the best trading platform on the market for performing technical and fundamental analysis. These platforms offer access to more than 900 instruments – Forex, indices, commodities, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and CFDs. All information is displayed in easy to understand charts and you can trade and monitor your trades 24/7 on a variety of devices: desktop, mobile or tablet.

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    Why do I need a trading platform?

    MetaTrader has been designed with the trader’s interests in mind. It is easy to understand, nearly intuitive. It saves you time because you have everything at your fingertips: market information, instrument’s analysis, indicators. You can perform trades and set key levels with one click or tap. It’s important that you use the platform provided by your broker, as the bid/ask pride may differ and hence it is difficult to trade correctly with a generic MT4.

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    How do I install it?

    There are three types of platforms we offer, depending on the device you want to use it on: desktop, mobile and tablet version. To use MetaTrader on mobile and tablet, simply download the app from Google Play or App Store. To install the Client Terminal (desktop version) For Windows:
    1. Download and launch installation wizard.
    2. Choose a directory for installing the program and follow the installation wizard’s tips. After the terminal has been installed, it will run automatically.
    To install the Terminal on Mac OS:
    1. First install PlayOnMac – free application for easy installation of Windows applications on Mac OS.
    2. Together with PlayOnMac, Wine will be installed – software that allows to run Microsoft Windows apps. Select the latest version.
    3. Install the Terminal by downloading "mt4setup.exe" and launching the file. PlayOnMac will automatically open it.
    Market may not be available on Mac OS.


    Setting Up Your Account

    To start trading stocks with, you’ll need to open a Live Account (Classic, Premium or Select). Once registered, you can apply for margin trading. If you have never traded before, we suggest you learn the basics first by opening a Demo Account. In order to set up your account, click the “Open New Account” button on top of the page.

    1. To open an account, simply fill-in the registration form.
    2. Go through verification process by sending us your ID and proof of residence documents.
    3. Add funds.
    4. Select stocks you want to trade.
    5. Decide on the position size.
    6. Choose order type.

    You’re a stocks trader now!

    Pay the absolute minimum. Be entitled to all your profits.


    Our pricing policy is extremely transparent. We have minimized all operating fees, so that you can be entitled to 100% of your profits.

    No advisory fee

    We do not charge anything for providing you with advice and tips on trading. We do not manage your assets for you.

    No commissions

    Enjoy commission-free trading with

    No account fee

    We do not charge anything for opening an account. The type of the account you open depends on the amount of your first deposit. You can upgrade your account by contacting us on…. or emailing ….

    No trade fee

    We do not charge a fixed rate on any instruments.