MetaTrader 4

Desktop Version

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The most extensive platform allowing you to code or buy robots and technical indicators straight from your desktop. This platform is ideal for technical savvy investors, but it is also simple to navigate. Metatrader4 is chosen by millions of traders due to the variety of features offered.

* To connect to the MT4 platform, use the following trading servers: GoPartners-Live for Live accounts and GoPartners-Demo for Demo accounts.


Key Features

Includes both technical and fundamental analysis of prices

Social copy trading with powerful analytics

Automated trading on all types of orders

Operation of your robots and signals ensured with 24/7 virtual hosting available for purchase

Customer support available 24 hours a day 5 days a week in multiple languages

More than 200 instruments available

Try free demo account

For most, being a new trader can be overwhelming. And we know that people still learn the best by doing. This is why we offer you a free demo account with unprecedented $100,000 in virtual money.

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  • 03 $100,000 in virtual money
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