About Us

We are operated by GONNAFLEX Limited, offering reception and transmission services, as well as granting credits and loans to clients. We are Straight Through Processing(STP) brokers making conflict of interest between client and broker non-existent. We consider security of your funds a top priority and implement concrete safeguards in the system to guarantee a reliable experience. We provide Classic, Premium, Select and Demo accounts, which can be reviewed further on our accounts page. We allow for a smooth trading experience for all levels of Forex traders by providing you with all the tools you’ll need for online trading.

Our Mission

We strive to maintain the satisfaction of our employees and clients by providing a simple and secure trading environment. Our goal is to present clients with a pleasant trading experience by implementing convenience and support.

We Value Your Safety

We consider safety a top priority and utilize SSL security systems to ensure funds are protected. In order to assure further safety, we divide funds amongst a multitude of banks. The sole purpose of client’s funds is for the use of trading.


Our Advantages

24/5 multi-lingual customer service

Top of the line SSL security

Multiple trading platforms and tools available

User-friendly interface

Ability to access account anywhere with Mobile and Tablet Trading

Equipped with a multitude of trading instruments